198 Gough Street

San Francisco, CA 94102

Mon - Fri 8a - 5:30p / Sat 10a - 5:30p / Sun 10a - 4p



house-made bagel  2.5  /  dozen 24

bagel, smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickled shallots, dill
open faced  11  /  closed 8

granola, late harvest granny smith apples,
yogurt, milk, or almond milk  7

pierogi with damson plum preserve 6

poppyseed babka  3.5

russian honey cake (krasinski torte) 6

potato knish  3

bacon-cheese scone  (pogácsa teresa oranovski)  3

sacher torte  6

linzertorte 6

chocolate chip cookie  2

caraway shortbread  1.5

house-made vanilla ice cream  2.75/scoop

affogato  5.5

~ lunch specials, beginning at 11:30 ~

duck liver mousse, pickled vegetables, radishes, toast 9

arugula salad, fennel, parmesan, hazelnuts 8 / 12

cream of green garlic soup, sour cream, spring onions 8

wild boar sausage, sauerkraut,
apple butter, roasted fingerling potatoes  14

kale sandwich, hungarian pepper relish, goat cheese  9

reuben:  pete's pastrami, sauerkraut,
comté, russian dressing  12

hungarian chicken salad sandwich, kohlrabi slaw 10


Deliciously glamorous

The 20th Century Cafe was conceived out of years of hard work in front of the oven, thoughts about food, old movies, and drunken discussions about the future (and the past). Searching through vintage cookbooks and traveling through the cites of Vienna, Budapest and Prague brought tremendous inspiration to what will soon be a little "grand" cafe.

The menu draws heavily from my more than twenty years cooking and baking experience, as well as my love of California's produce. Nestled on a sunny corner in Hayes Valley, an early 20th century building once owned by famed cartoonist R.L. "Rube" Goldberg will be home to all these ideas and many more.



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